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TBFM - Turbo Bar Forming Machine

Automatic machine to form copper bars for Turbo generators.

The TBFM is an equipment designed by Vincent Industrie (VI) capable to form turbo bars with great accuracy on a repetitive basis. VI has the reputation in the industry to manufacture reliable and robust machines out of which this one is a major example.

The Turbo Bar Forming Machine is designed to shape green bars using a PLC controlled forming head that performs multiple, successive bending steps automatically, thereby assuring an outstanding evolvent shaping accuracy for such big products measuring up 14m in total length.

This equipment will thereby optimize your productivity and reduce your production costs significantly.

Main Advantages:

  • A unique equipment in the market;
  • Fully electrical machine, no hydraulics;
  • Highly accurate positioning and forming, fast maneuvering and great flexibility using efficient brushless motors;
  • Direct integration of 3D modeling in the machine software;
  • One bar can be formed, consolidated, cut and brazed in less than 1 hour;
  • Fast parameter setup for new geometries, parameter storage, error assistance messages and operator screens available in many languages;
  • Several options available: internal or external consolidation station, bar loading and unloading system, cutting & brazing systems,…
  • Can include one or two forming heads or double working stations for shorter cycle times.

This equipment is flexible and can easily be adapted to your requirements and your production needs.

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