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SHANGHAI ELECTRIC (CN) - Rot. Machine workshop

VINCENT INDUSTRIE and BARTECH have installed since many years several machines at SHANGHAI ELECTRIC workshop, it means 11 taping robots and 3 Coil Forming machines.

from October 15, 2005 to October 15, 2014



SHANGHAI ELECTRIC realized a video to promote its company as a leader of power generation and electrical equipment manufacturing in China. SHANGHAI ELECTRIC is clearly involved in every activity applicable to motors and generators HV AC/DC and many projects have been done with VINCENT INDUSTRIE and BARTECH to respond to their high quality and performance requests.

Since 2005, VINCENT INDUSTRIE and BARTECH deliver machines to SHANGHAI ELECTRIC aiming to give the best machines that are lead by Performance, Flexibility and Quality. By our continous improvement VINCENT INDUSTRIE machines have achieved the highest standards in the world, SHANGHAI ELECTRIC is an outsantding example of loyalty since almost 10 years.


Please use the following link for visualizing the video: Shanghai Electric Group


Please have a look at the time 4:58 for VINCENT INDUSTRIE coil forming machines (CFM) and BARTECH taping robots (GTR).



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