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Nippon Rika Group

Nippon Rika is a group of companies all around the world.

Nippon Rika Vincent Industrie

  • Founded in 1979 at France;
  • Specialized in design, engineer produce and assemble manufacturing equipments and enhancing management process and instrumentation in our activity areas (Ex: ROEBEL Machine, CFM-U, TBFM, HBFM ….);
  • 35 years long experience with 15 years specifically in the Energy sector.
  • February 2016: February 10,2016 Nippon Rika Group has acquired Vincent Industrie. Vincent Industrie is now 100% solely owned by Nippon Rika Industrie Corporation. Production will remain in France and we will continue to provide machineries with the highest "Made in France" quality.
    New Company name: Nippon Rika Industries S.A.S
    Address: 236,rue du Général de Gaulle 69530 Brignais,France




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