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QUARTZELEC (UK) - Rot. Machine worshop

The following equipment from VINCENT INDUSTRIE is installed at QUARTZELEC since February 2013: 1 ROEBEL bar production center, 1 Loop Winder and 1 Coil Forming Machine Universal (CFMU).

from February 1, 2012 to March 3, 2013



QUARTZELEC realized a video of the workshop located at Rugby (UK) in order to promote their investment program in its coil manufacturing business. QUARTZELEC, as a leading supplier of electrical windings for a wide range of high voltage motor and generator applications, is improving its workshop to meet the growing demand in order to be able to offer all coil and bar products at the higher service levels to its clients.

Their General Manager, Kevin Goodwin commented: "This new technology will also enable Quartzelec to increase market penetration, providing its clients with the highest possible, repeatable quality standard whilst achieving an optimum efficient production process."

VINCENT INDUSTRIE fulfilled QUARTZELEC needs by providing state of arts equipment that responds to following values: Flexibilty, Accuracy and Performance. A close collaboration with the customer gave the best possible satisfaction and efficiency..

Please use the following link for visualizing the video of QUARTZELEC Rugby workshop: Rugby Workshop


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