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CFMU-B - Coil Forming Machine Universal - Bar

Automatic Machine to form loops/bars with a length up to 5m.

The CFMU-B machine is an innovative development of the classical Coil Forming Machine (CFM) of VINCENT INDUSTRIE. It is capable to form coils with high accuracy and efficiency.
Thus, using this new design, the flexibility of the machine could be significantly increased while decreasing its weight at the same time, assuring nevertheless the same robustness and accuracy of the classical, well known CFM-version.

The Coil Forming Machine Universal « CFMU-B » is designed to automatically form coils to their final shape without using any additional process before or after forming. Lowest tolerances assure the perfect fitting of the coils into the slots without any manual rework.

This equipment will thereby optimize your productivity and reduce your production costs at the same time for a better manufacturing management.

Main Advantages:

  • Completely electrical machine, no hydraulics
  • Accurate positioning, fast manoeuvring and great flexibility using only brushless motors;
  • Soft forming process for all types of coils (standard, trapezoid, flat) in order to avoid any damages of conductor surface;
  • Fast setup of machine for new geometries, PLC control, parameter storage, error assistance messages;
  • High forming accuracy (± 1 mm on clamps positioning);
  • Flexible and adjustable evolvent shapers as modular systems to be able to form all possible evolvent lengths and shapes, no manual work is required even for high opening angles;

This equipment is flexible and can easily be adapted to your requirements and your production needs.

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