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BCM - Bar Crimping Machine (Roebel)

Machine to produce automatically transposed green bars for generators (ROEBEL bars).

This fully automatic Roebel Bar Manufacturing Center is one of the top products of Vincent Industrie using highest quality standards. It is recognized by all major players of the energy industry thanks to its precision, reliability, automaticity and robustness.

The Roebel Bar Manufacturing Center is designed to dereel, to straighten, to strip, to cut and to transpose copper conductors fully automatically.

This equipment will optimize your productivity and reduce your costs and thereby obtaining a better manufacturing management. One operator is sufficient to run the machine with extremely high precision on a repetitive basis.

Main Advantages:

  • Motorized dereeling to avoid conductor overtightening in order to preserve its quality;
  • Entirely automated transposition process (presses) for highest flexibility, possibility to change parameters/model without losing accuracy;
  • Pulling carriage connected to the STM traction unit for a faster dereeling and pulling even for long wires;
  • High accuracy also for long wire lengths;
  • Roebel / cross over-shaping by independent and mobile presses equipped with pneumatically controlled tooling for a fully automatic manufacturing of copper wires with a wide variety of transpositions;
  • Each press has 2 tooling in order to reduce tool changes for large scale manufacturing;
  • Before and after the shaping process, wires are picked and placed automatically and securely by a set of manipulators
  • Finished wires are laid in a magazine (equipped with a tilting system) in the right order to facilitate the final, manual braiding operation;
  • The version "H" of the machine is able to produce alternatively two kinds of conductors, solid and hollow.

This equipment is flexible and can easily be adapted to your requirements and your production needs; you can chose from a BC 4360 to manufacture 4m long bars up to a 360° maximum transposition to a BC 14900 for the manufacture of 14m bars with 900° maximum transposition.

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