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LWL - Loop Winding Line

Machine to wind loops.

The LWL was initially designed by Bartech International, the Canadian subsidiary of Vincent Industrie, well known for its high quality taping, heat pressing and looping equipment and recognized in the industry since more than 20 years.
The loop winder can produce up to 5m loops (pin to pin) for the realization of mid- and high voltage coils windings of motors & generators. This equipment will optimize your productivity and reduce your production costs at the same time.

While Bartech International produces this machine for the Americas, Vincent Industrie is capable to supply this machine to the European, African and Asian markets.

Main advantages:

  • High loop winding quality due to constantly controlled wire tension;
  • Manual or automatic loop length adjustment
  • Possibility to produce conventional, trapezoidal or racetrack loops
  • Specifically developed wire guiding units
  • Robust, high quality components to guarantee long term investment
  • All elements of the line are coordinated together and can be controlled by a central control system;
  • Many additional options available such as electromagnetic powder brakes, turn taping equipment (for wire insulation before winding), rotating dereeling stand for wire twisting, ...


This equipment is flexible and can easily be adapted to your requirements and your production needs.

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