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HLP - Hot Loop Press

Machine to consolidate straight parts of loops.

The HLP was initially designed by BARTECH International, the Canadian subsidiary of Vincent Industrie, well known for its high quality taping, pressing and looping equipment and recognized in the industry since more than 20 years.

The hot loop press « HLP series » is designed to press-consolidate the straight parts of the loops before they are formed.  It consists of a press unit and 2 carriages for the loops capable to be moved into the press unit. The carriages are used one at a time, so that one carriage can be loaded or unloaded while the other one is being pressed. This equipment will thereby optimize your productivity and reduce your production costs at the same time.

While Bartech International produces this machine for the Americas, Vincent Industrie is capable to supply this machine to the European, African and Asian markets.

Main advantages:

  • Possibility for simultaneous press feeding to significantly increase production capacity
  • PLC control of entire process
  • Precise heat and pressure control
  • Automatic or manual operation mode can be chosen
  • User interface via touch screen
  • Fully automatic operation, once setup, very little user intervention is required.


This equipment is flexible and can easily be adapted to your requirements and your production needs.

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