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STM - Stripping Machine

Machine to prepare copper wires by derolling, straightening, stripping and cutting.

The STM was designed by Vincent Industrie, with high quality standards recognized throughout the Energy industry thanks to its reliability and robustness.  Indeed, the first machine was installed in 1999 and is still in operation.

The Stripping Machine is designed to dereel, to straighten, to strip and to cut to length conductors automatically. These are fundamental steps for the preparation of green bars for Turbo or Hydro generators.
It can also be used for the wire preparation for open DC-coils.

This equipment will optimize your productivity and reduce your costs by obtaining a better manufacturing management. One operator is sufficient to run the machine with extremely high precision on a repetitive basis.

Main Advantages:

  • Motorized dereeling to avoid conductor overtightening in order to preserve its quality
  • Automatic stripping obtaining highest surface quality
  • Vertical and horizontal straightening
  • Motorized pulling carriage for wire introduction in order to decrease setup time
  • Only 10-25s cycle time for the production of one finished wire
  • Two brushing stations equipped with metallic brushes (horizontal and vertical stripping)
  • High quality stripping performed by two brushes that move laterally for optimal wear
  • An efficient particle exhaust system – Vincent Industrie patent - to remove stripped insulation particles
  • High accuracy conductor positioning and cutting system
  • After stripping and cutting to length, wires can be placed automatically in a magazine equipped with a tilting system for specific batch size preparation
  • Control system with PLC allowing a high degree of automation

This equipment is flexible and can easily be adapted to your requirements and your production needs; we can offer STM SINGLE or STM DOUBLE wire preparation for both solid and hollow conductors.

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